Table Mountain | Tonton Paintings | Antonia Vorster

Why art, why oil painting?


My heart sings when I paint.

I am connected to the infinite creativity of the universe. Nothing else exists I am connected to the universe, experiencing how we all are connected as human beings. In that moment I am free, free to wonder, free to dream and free to be truly connected to my inner truth.

My commitment is to empower people to create joy in their life and to contribute to the fulfillment of their dreams.

After I retired I discovered that one of my passions is to contribute to people by having them expand their ability to live a life they create and love. I started looking at how being creative and owning your creative powers, being free to create, could give you access to a new way of life, be it in the arts or elsewhere in your life. I create workshops out of that passion to have people discover their own creative powers.