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My commitment is to empower people to create joy in their life and to contribute to the fulfillment of their dreams.

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About Antonia Vorster

My heart sings
when I paint.

Since retirement Antonia Vorster has immersed herself into her art, discovering new techniques and mediums.

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Life is always a creative adventure.

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Since 1993

Why Ginkgo?

The leaf of the Ginkgo tree has always been magical to me, its’ shape, its’ brilliant yellow-gold color in the fall, inspiring artists for many centuries, its ability to thrive as a tree species for over 270 million years.

The Ginkgo tree is a phenomenon, an object of veneration, a sacred tree of the East, a symbol of unity of opposites, a yin and yang by some, according to Cor Kwant, a Dutch Ginkgo researcher and writer.

This unique species of tree native to China has remarkable survival mechanisms. According to old Chinese belief, the Ginkgo tree symbolizes Hope, Peace, Persistence and Longevity. It is a powerful source of inspiration for me.

Peter Crane, renowned botanist and Ginkgo scholar at Yale, noted that “…the Ginkgo tree was around when the dinosaurs were on the planet, and has been around for hundreds of millions of years, really puts our own species and our own individual existence — into an entirely different context…” “…Guess what? We’re not at the center of everything. And guess what? The universe doesn’t revolve around us. And guess what? We’re only here for a short time…”

It is a humbling and inspiring phenomenon to make a difference on this planet while I can.

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